Demo 2018

by Time & Pressure

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  • Demo Twenty Eighteen
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released August 10, 2018

All Music Written and Performed by Time and Pressure

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabe Usery at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis, Missouri


all rights reserved



Time & Pressure St. Louis, Missouri

Hardcore from the Gateway City.

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Track Name: Crimson Pig
Crimson Pig

You think that you’re strong as a hammer
But you couldn’t drive a nail
Into the soil
Props in a stage show
You think that you’re as sharp as a sickle
But rusted blades make edges dull
A useless tool just like you
Pretending you’ll be more than just a

Pig masquerading as a sheep
Crying wolf with your tail between your legs

Shed your skin to hide in plain sight
But even camouflage snakes
Die out in the sun
Crawl on your belly
Pretend you’ll paint the town red
While your true colors run
Track Name: Love + Trash
Love + Trash

You met me in a neon fever dream
With secrets up your nose
And eyes full of mystery
You couldn’t feel your lips enough
To hold back your words
So in between sentences
Baby, I was yours
And I used to warn myself about
People who can fall in love in winter
But you fooled me when you used
Whisky to warm your heart

You’ve got a habit of kissing empty bottles
Searching for love down at the bottom
You know it’s not hiding down beneath the swill
But that never stopped you from trying

I met a girl behind a dumpster in an alleyway
She said for just a few minutes
She would love me
She smelled familiar when I pulled in close
So I played the victim and I lost myself
I’ve got a habit of kissing empty people
Searching for love in the backs of their mouths
I know it’s not waiting for me back there
But that never stopped me from trying

The parts of me that we both threw away
Will never grow back
I’ll always be used
But I’ll forever remember the smell
Of the trash
When I hated myself enough
To keep loving you
Track Name: At the Climax
Backseat drivers
Backseat lovers
Backhanded compliments
Dirty little secrets kept
From who you share your boring bedroom with
Who’s using who
Is it me or you
I can never remember
Teach me pillow talk
In a foreign tongue
But I still can’t say

I’m a sucker for endings
Whether sappy or happy
I need to feel the full weight of loss
Before I can move on
Come for me or
Comfort me
It’s all the same
“When you’re with me
You’re with only me”
Repeat it back so we
Can both assume the blame

A climax doesn’t mean
The story’s over
Track Name: Annihilation
I’ve spent so much of my life
Trying to peel back the skin
And find parts of a person beneath
Hoping to make myself bleed long enough
To discover something that I loved

And I know it’s arrogant to think that someone
Or anyone would care enough to
Share what’s left of me

While everyone I know is too busy
Singing someone else’s love songs
I’m trying to write a song to sing for myself
Even if it means I’m singing alone
Not every song’s a duet

Real freedom means having
No one come to mind
When you try to think of
Who you’d want to see
One last time before you die

Don’t we all want to kill
Parts of ourselves?
What do you think I’ve been trying to do
I’ve been waiting for someone to
Witness my slow suicide
One half an hour at a time
Track Name: This Is Not an Exit
We ended just like we began
Unexpected and full of surprises
Still I remembered to lock the door
Behind me when I left
Because I know that’s what you would have wanted

I was baptized in your drunken piss stains
That decorate my sleep
And no matter how hard I scrub I can’t
Wash myself clean
Our love was like the way I’d sweat
When I slept at your place
An easy fix
All you had to do was change your sheets

And now we’re like the burns on my knees
From living room floor offerings
Christ, the bleeding only stops
If I don’t pick the scabs
I thought you’d be more than
Just another set of curses
For me to spit out of my mouth
We never had a prayer

I heard some say that god is love
I heard some say that love is dead
Maybe hell is beautiful people
But the devil’s in the ugly details

We ended just like we began
Honest as the piss, sweat, blood and spit
I should’ve known better than
To place my faith in body fluids
I couldn’t know better in the biblical sense